Safeguarding Adults, including Clients and Children

Protecting vulnerable adults, including clients, children, and our own staff is foundational to CEVI. Central to everything we do is our commitment to Do No Harm.

CEVI has zero tolerance for incidents of violence or abuse against adults, including clients and children in the communities where we serve, either committed by our staff or other affiliates connected to our operations.


Have you witnessed an incident that put a client or child at risk? Do you have a concern about a CEVI staff members' behavior? Any other safeguarding concern?

We encourage anyone who has concerns, either about conduct of CEVI employees or of any abuse of clients in CEVI’s operations to use our Integrity and Protection (Whistleblower) Hotline.

Report online or call collect +639173042802, or call the country-specific numbers provided on the website. Incident reports can also be made to [email protected].