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CEVI Holds Annual Board Retreat

By Admin March 3, 2017

Board of Trustees of Community Economic Ventures, Inc (CEVI) together with the Senior Management Team attended the Annual Board Retreat on September 29-30, 2016 at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay. Pastor Herman Moldez facilitated the retreat with a theme that tackles on leadership, renewal and discernment.

Pastor Moldez shared, “Spiritual retreat is God’s way of renewing our soul with His love. We claim our being God’s beloved in silence and solitude, alone with our self and God. It is by drinking from the wells of God’s love that our spirit is refreshed and our soul is renewed with zest to live and work with a purpose. In the places where we feel weary and tired, anxious and afraid, God calls and invites us to the sanctuary of His presence to heal the inner bruises of our soul. We’ll find the renewing rest that comes in quiet waiting for His presence and love.”

During the retreat, the Board and Management spent time learning and reflecting on the attributes of good leadership that is effecient and God-centered. The said retreat was a good avenue for the Board and Management to step out from the regular routines and to get reacquianted with God's divine plan on leadership as stewardship.