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Text Hotline for Clients

By Admin February 3, 2016

CEVI takes concrete steps to protect clients from improper practices and improve the products and services and ensure that they are treated fairly. In adherence to the Client Protection Principles, the organization implements Integrity & Protection Hotline (IPH) also known as Textklamo. This gives emphasis to Principle #7 “Mechanism for Complaint Resolution” providing clients standard channels of communications such as suggestion boxes and texting through our Hotline. Through these channels, clients are encouraged and allowed to give feedback particularly on the services they are receiving from CEVI—are they satisfied, do they have complains, what are their suggestions?

At the start of this Fiscal Year 2016, CEVI has received eight (8) text messages/feedbacks from six (6) different clients through our IPH. Most of the information/complaints - received are Insurance Related concerns and Loan Process Related concerns all of which have been responded immediately. In fact the insurance concerns that were brought to attention through the IPH were facilitated with priority. The Integrity & Protection Hotline places timely and responsive system for complaints and problem resolution. Client’s responsibility is to tell in a respectful way if they have a complaint. CEVI’s responsibility on the other hand is to respond quickly to complaints and make them right.

With the use of Integrity & Protection Hotline, clients, guests and even staff can send their concerns and complains through text message. The IPH is being managed by the Social Performance & Integration Unit. Once text message/information is received, IPH personnel logs information to the grievance logbook, and communicate the information to the people concerned for immediate response, after which immediate action taken is also communicated—following the flow of communication:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Take Actions
  3. Communicate Feedback

Aside from providing an immediate response to all concerns, the SPI Unit is taking all communications and information from the IPH with confidentiality.