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CEVI Partners with Water.org

By Admin March 3, 2017

Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI) receives partnership grant worth $120,000 from Water.org. Water.org is a US-based NGO that pioneers innovative and sustainable solutions to the global water and sanitation crisis.

The effectivity of the grant agreement kicks off on March 1, 2016 to August 2018. This 30-month partnership grant will be used to implement WaterCredit program in CEVI’s area of coverage.

WaterCredit is an initiative of Water.org that adopts microfinance principle to use in the water and sanitation sector. This initiative is a sustainable effort in redeploying financial resources efficiently thereby increasing the numbers of households to meet their drinking and sanitation needs.

With the accessed grant, CEVI plans to implement WaterCredit program to 27 established branches across the Philippines. Projecting 6,000 clients reached and about 27,000 lives impacted.

CEVI believes that by providing access to loan product enables communities to have reliable water source, improves household’s sanitation facilities and creates awareness to help lessen water-borne disease.