Top Saver

Before having a business, a couple from Baranagy Conception, Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur, Jaime and Nora Emelia are factory workers in a wood and timber company in Manila. Both of them received a minimum pay of PhP250 a day however they do not own a house, do not have a savings, and do not have enough time for their children.

In 2003, they realized that their income is no longer sufficient to support their needs reason why they left the city and moved to the province of Agusan del Sur to look for livelihood.

In Agusan del Sur, Jaime Emelia has shifted to a new job as a farmer. "At start, it was not easy. I have learned the hard way to grow rice. But it was fun to work in the farm since I have been doing it for my kids and my wife:, he said.

Jaime grows rice from his 3.5-hectare farm. He used his harvest for family consumption and income generation. Jaime sold his harvest for Php800 per sack. He said that the least number of rice he could produce from his farm is 130 sacks. The income that he was able to generate from his farm goes towards the family basic needs. He also set aside a small amount as savings for the future college education of his children.

One time, Jaime is short in capital to run his farm that is why he sought the assistance of CEVI in helping him avail of a loan to buy the seeds and additional needs in his farm. Without the loan, according to him, he might have stop farming and leave his family again for work. "I am grateful that I became part of the CEVI microfinance program. I don't only benefit from the loans that I took from them but I also learned to save moremoney for the future", he said. Jaime is a CEVI member since 2004 and took the chance to save money while being part of the program.

Within 12 years of marriage, Jaime had already had five children. His eldest child is Jairalyn, 12 years old and a sponsored child of World Vision Development Foundation. Jairalyn's favorite subject in school is Math. She is now in grade five and is consistently topping in her class exams. Jairalyn dreamed of becoming a Math taecher someday. In this way, she will be able to help her family and at the same time teach other students. Jairalyn has also been the choice of her school to compete for the Math quiz competition. Her teacher and her father Jaime were very proud of her because of the honor that she brings to their school and family every time she wins in the competition. Jaira has four other siblings: Jerushia, 10 years old and currently studying in grade three class. Cyrus James, 7 years old and is currently in grade one, Jairus, three years old is currently in Preparatory school while the youngest child is Jahara Mae, who is only 7-month old.

To date, Jaime is also managing a small piggery business, which supplements his income. He has a new constructed house with three bedrooms. He also has more time now with his wife and children. He dreamed that someday, he could buy additional farms so that he could send his children to college and at the same time provide all his family needs.


"In CEVI, I learned the value of saving and at the same time reflect in the Word of God during cluster meetings."