A Mother's Dream

Josefina Lapidez, 43 years old is a rice grower from Barangay Sayon, Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur. She is married to Joseph Lapidez and has three children..John Rick, 20 years old has been helping her tomanage the rice farm. Junnel 19 years old is currently studying Accountancy course in a community college and Jocel Mae, 15 years old is currently 2nd year in high school..Jocel Mae is also a sponsored child of World Vision Development Foundation. She received enough support from the foundation in terms of buying her education supplies like notebooks and bags.

Josefina has 10 siblings and originally came from Surallah South Cotabato. However, during the time of Martial Law of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, Josefina's family was forced to move to other province beacuse of the insurgency that was prevalent in their location.

And by the time that she was in her twenties and already had a family, she already resides in Poblacion Agusan del Sur and grows rice and raise pigs for a living. She learned to fill a land, plant rootcrops and plow the rice field. Now, she owns a 2-hectare farm and earned at least Php50,000 per harvest. According to Josefina she has an average of 150 sacks of rice per harvest. She saved 10 sacks for the familyconsumption and sold the remainders of the sacks for Php800 each.

Jopsefina's wants that her children will succeed in life. It is her desire that someday her children will be able to finish their college education and find a better emplyment someday.

"I want them to fulfill their dreams whatever it is that they want to achieve in their lives. I will support them in every steps of the way. Even if it means that I have to work more often in the farm", she said.

Before the business, she was unemployed and always worries where to get enough income to support the growing needs of her children. But CEVI became instrumental in helping her go on with her rice and piggery farm. According to Josefina, when she doesn't have enough capital to buy all the farming needs, CEVI is always at her back to support her.

Josefina is currently on her 10th cycle in CEVI with a loan of Php14,000. She chose CEVI because she likes how they implement the program. Without the loan, she might also avail of the loan being offered by rice traders in their place, which demands high interest.

"In CEVI, Iearned the values of savings and at the same time reflect from the words of God during cluster meetings", she added.


"I don't only benefit from the loans that I took from CEVI but I also learned to save more money for the future"