Pablito Melecio: CEVI's Outstanding Client

"There is money everywhere. You don’t need to go far from your community to look for it. God will give you wisdom to find it,” shared Pablito on how he was able to grow his business in Alegria, Cebu.


“I started a small store. A small amount of capital led me to venture for more,” he recalled.


Between 2006 and 2007, life had been hard for Pablito. A tragedy happened to his family. A fire incident took away their house and the lives of his eldest child and mother-in-law. Pablito and his wife were left alone and homeless. Not only that, he needs to pay for the burial expenses and the debts of his mother-in-law reaching up to 150,000 pesos.

Pablito nearly reached the end of his rope, but he never gave up. He started his small business, instead.


In 2008, knowing about Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI), Pablito availed 5,000 Php loan as his additional capital to his small store. He was able to pay it back and take out another.


Seven years later, Pablito became successful in expanding his small store. To date, he’s engage in T-shirt printing, book printing, big grocery store, retails sales of Ready-To-Wear clothing, Photo shop, and rice and feeds selling. Pablito is supplied 100 sacks of rice per week coming from Mindanao. His target market are schools, public and private offices, and the people in his community.


Now his daily average sale is Php 20,000  and he is one of CEVI's outstanding clients. His current loan is 150,000 Php which he is going to repay within six months period.


Pablito was able to purchase 3 hectares of land and three cows. He also bought two motorcycles and multicab for delivery services. He built a warehouse exclusively for his rice and other inventories. He spent 160,000 Php to renovate his photo shop, print shop, and general store. He employed four workers to assist him in handling the business. 


At the age of 33, Pablito never stop on achieving greater things. He’s expansion plan is to buy his own 10 wheeler truck to be able to deliver sacks of rice and other supplies to nearby towns. He wants to upgrade his photo studio and buy tarpaulin printer. He also hopes to buy a lot perfect for business, in order to cut monthly rental expenses.


When he was asked about how he became so successful, he said “Business for me is debt. That’s why I’m a best payer when it comes to debt. For people like me who doesn’t have big capital to do business, there is a need to borrow money. I work hard for it to develop. I wake up early at five in the morning to open my store. I discipline myself to spend less than what I earn. And I am determined to set a high target of my sales to keep it going up.”


Pablito is proud of his 2 children, Prince Achilles (6), and Princess Kitana (3). He sends them to private school. He has a good relationship with his wife. “When my wife is pregnant, I treat her very well so that the child will be born healthy”.